Friday, January 28, 2011

Hope Pierces All Darkness

The words of a servant of God to the world
"The Love of the Son of God pierces all darkness" What a great quote by a servant of God. And how true it is. I can't list how many ways the Son of god pierces darkness in my life. He gives me light in the day. A physical light as well as many others. Such as a light of understanding when so few are found in a world like this. An illuminating light to cast all confusion aside that we can truly evaluate and see what will make us happy. A light in terms of hope. That light of hope that we can turn to when all others have seemed to fail, wink out, or disappear. And his terms are simple. That we truly desire his gospel with it's light, illumination, and the happiness that comes from relieving acts such as prayer, reading his word, and trusting in him. That light that he gives us can especially be seen in the peace that follows it. The peace of mind, of spirit and of life that we bask in as sons and daughters of god. What an amazing gift and blessing we've been given through our lord and savior's atonement for our sins and pains. Mental, physical and emotional. Truly the term "pierces all darkness" is a fitting description of what our savior does for us. Because of his gospel the shadows of doubt, disbelief, confusion, and being lost can be banished from our minds, simply if we seek him earnestly with full purpose of heart, find him through prayer, and embrace the illuminating mindset and lifestyle that he gives us through those witnesses of the Holy Ghost that we receive. We live by and are convicted by what we know from those answers he has given. What we know to be right, what we know to bring happiness and joy in our lives. We have the opportunity to live that way and abide in that light that pierces our darkest hours. We never have to be alone in the trials of this life. We don't have to settle for less. the son of god has given us the light we need to come unto him. "Come unto me all ye that are burdened and are heavy Laden and I shall give you rest". The truth shall light your path. All you have to do is seek that truth.